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Today on the show, justice is served on #LittleLyinDonald, Democratic Civil War 2016, Senior Legal Analyst time, treason, guns, and a timely politics and civics class! #ThumpTrump openly asked the Russians to hack Hillary’s emails some more! Is this treason? Is it a crime? Senior Legal Analyst time gets us started! Also, did #TrounceTrump just […]

Beyond The Norm

We take for granted so many of today’s gadgets and technology. Indeed, we have become so reliant on these devices and the technology they run, that we have incorporated them into our lives and become dependent upon them. But, it was not that long ago that we did not have such things and the one device that really planted the notion of revolution in our minds – and that revolution remains today – the one device that started so much of the revolution – is now officially disappearing. What device and what revolution? Join us today, when we go Beyond The Norm!