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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today, justice is served on John Boehner, Grover Norquist and the "Super Committee" plus Newt Gingrich and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and the police/politicians for fearing and suppressing Occupy Wall Street.

There is talk that John Boehner is backing a deal to raise taxes - but there's a catch! There always is with these guys! The latest today!

Newt Gingrich has enriched himself at the same time he has chastised the government over the housing collapse. details today!

Occupy Wall Street continues - but the police and the politicians who are ordering the police around really need a wake up call! We deliver that call today!

On Beyond The Norm, law school, civics class and politics all rolled into one! One of my favorites BTN's today - where do ALL these "laws" come from??

Fierce independence is displayed daily here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm - The Norman Goldman Show!


comments Comments:
Hi Norman,
Great show as usual but I have to correct you on the Federal Reserve.
Bill Still does a great documentary video on the history of money. The Money Changers or similar, is available on u tube but it is like the novel War and Peace. It's 26 chapters at about an hour each. I made it to 23.
The shortened version, "The Secrets of OZ" (easy search) is about 145 minutes. I watched that first and went further and watched 23 or so chapters of the long version but they just go into way more detail, but my jaw was always on the ground.

Anyway, the Fed was appropriated by Congress about 1918 or so. Right after WWI. Woodrow Wilson. Rethuglican, was in office I believe.
You know, typical knee jerk reaction to the aftermath of the war.
The government put up 20% and the Rochefellars, Rothechilds, Morgans, etc. put up the remaining 80%.
By loaning each other money, and basically trading paper with each other for the remaining 80%, and they founded the Federal Reserve with the power to print money at will and loan it to the government, etc, with interest. A true ponzi scheme.
Anyway they raised 100 billion and with fractional banking, 10 to 1, they could now lend/print 1 trillion dollars to lend out at interest rates determined by their greed and what the "market" will bear.
When you have the time for a 'good movie' I suggest watching "The Secrets of OZ".
Then everything makes sense.
MONEY rules.

Rock ON Norman.
PS: The Doors....rock.

Posted by Pete Kelly, Sandy Oregon

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