Today on the show, justice is served on civics, politics, the media, #fakepresident, healthcare and Medicare for all! Civics and politics dominate the show today, centered, of course, on healthcare! The Republicans are FAR from giving up and neither can we! I have statistics and suggestions and hope you do, too! Medicare-for-all, for example, is […]

Beyond The Norm

Six months ago, California legalized death with dignity – or, physician-assisted suicide, if you prefer. And, the Los Angeles Times once again gets the credit for putting the topic idea in my head and getting me started. Of course, we go broader than one article, and today, when we go Beyond The Norm, did you know that Colorado legalized this last November? And there are two states in legal limbo on this issue? The topic of death with dignity is sad, of course, but necessary. Let’s take a look.