Today on the show, justice is served by our friend Dick Kay, out of WCPT in Chicago! I have an early jump on the holidays – a three-day weekend – but I am back tomorrow! There is a new Beyond The Norm segment (Senior Legal Analyst time and an energy drink verdict) for our podcast […]

Beyond The Norm

We have done several BTN segments on energy drinks; their safety, popularity and more. In today’s segment, I give those prior dates, for additional listening, if you choose! However, we do recap (to save you time!) and now have the very first jury trial result in one of these cases. There are also major developments in several others, so, energy drinks are back on our radar – from the law’s perspective, and safety, too! Also, there have been big developments in big business and cannabis, so today, when we go Beyond The Norm, it’s Senior Legal Analyst time and more – about substances that alter our consciousness and our energy levels!