Today on the show, justice is served by our friend Dick Kay, from Chicago’s WCPT! Dick has guest hosted before and is a legend in Chicagoland! If you have not heard Dick Kay before, please spend some time with him! If you already know Dick Kay, then enjoy his excellent show! And, there is a […]

Beyond The Norm

Very often, and for political purposes, national leaders portray their national “enemies” as sub-human, not like us, and thus not deserving of respect – or anything else! Well, alliances change, and if we observe, over time, we see that former adversaries, when they become allies, become “humanized” while new enemies become demonized. With that in mind, we have today’s segment, which looks at an avowed “enemy” of America, but takes a look inside, at the humanity of the nation, and a big catastrophe that just hit it, and the aftermath! Much of it should sound familiar and we do a different kind of story today, when we go Beyond The Norm!