Today on the show, justice is served on #DACA, the looming government shutdown, how not to negotiate, Mexico and ‘the Wall,’ plus law, civics and politics while going back to abortion and the social issues, climate change and being knitted into the social fabric. Tomorrow the government shuts down and Democrats are saying ‘no #DACA, […]

Beyond The Norm

David M. gets the credit for putting me on the trail of today’s BTN segment and a great topic it is! David sent me the New York Times link below (for our Beyond The Norm subscribers) and it shows Germany has made so much progress in producing green energy (because they invested so much money in it) that they are now in a very strong position, by way of energy independence and cleanliness. It reminds me of the “too cheap to meter” argument, from back in the day, and it seems to be about to come true! But not as originally intended! Today, when we go Beyond The Norm, is renewable energy soon to be “too cheap to meter?”