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Thank you for being with me on the show, for however long you were here! I hope I did you some good! That was the measuring stick all along - the standard - teach; law, civics and politics and maybe a bit of a life approach as well. Unfortunately, we've had to end the show, as there is no economic path forward.

The two giant radio companies that own the AM political talk radio stations have essentially boycotted us and we got lost in the middle of the half-million-plus podcasts that are out there now - very few making money.

So, the show has ended, but we're republishing the series (to the right side of your screen, free and commercial-free) from 2014 about the difficulties "liberal talk radio" faces and has faced. And our last two-plus weeks of shows are available in their entirety below, also free and commercial-free.

If you would like to listen to the hundreds of segments in the archives of Beyond The Norm and older shows (commercial-free) they are available for $10 for one month, non-recurring. Enjoy one month for $10 and if you want another month - you have to re-up. I won't keep hitting your credit card! Those days are over! 

And, thanks again for all the time we have spent together. I remain on social media - and perhaps we can meet again one day!



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