Today on the show, justice is served on terrorism, sexual harassment, #RoyMooreChildMolester, Senior Legal Analyst time, the tax bill, #Russiagate and the behavior of #FakePresident. Another attempted terror attack in Times Square today and who politicized it immediately? Speaking of sexual harassers, tomorrow is election day and #RoyMooreFakeChristian is hiding. But, the same Senator who […]

Beyond The Norm

Jeff M. gets the credit for getting me started on today’s BTN. A group of kids filed a lawsuit over climate change, alleging the US government aided, abetted and caused (in legal parlance) climate change. The kids want an injunction and a declaration that their allegations are true. They sued under President Obama and named him, too, but now under you-know-who, the government waltzed into court, thinking they could get a quick and easy dismissal. They didn’t and then they got angry. So, now they’re in the Court of Appeal, seeking extraordinary relief, and we’ll do Senior Legal Analyst time, today, when we go Beyond The Norm!