Today on the show, justice is served on civics, taxes, #Russiagate, law, civics, politics and dead elephants, #RoyMooreChildMolester, sexual harassment, Keystone oil leaks, Reverend Jesse Jackson, guns and the American Empire. The tax issue is now the top issue in America and we lead with it. The latest is tension-filled! Also, we have news in […]

Beyond The Norm

Dr. Bennet Omalu is the doctor who first figured out the mystery now called “CTE” or “Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy” which is the damage done to the brain from repeated violent blows to the head. A giant problem in treating the disease has been diagnosing it first – no kidding. A major impediment exists – it cannot be diagnosed in the living – only after death – by looking at the brain in an autopsy. But now, there is potentially very good news, from the same doctor who discovered the disease and we look at this today, when we go Beyond The Norm!