Today on the show, justice is served on ‘the wall,’ a government shutdown, #PersonalResponsibility, Maria Butina, #Russiagate, Senior Legal Analyst time, the #NRA, the “Chief of Staff,” climate change, Brexit, and Jamal Khashoggi! Today’s big news broke into the open live on TV! #BenedictDonald got into an argument with ‘Chuck and Nancy’ and the rest […]

Beyond The Norm

On the show, we have noted and decried the lack of investigative journalism in American today. We aren’t the only people to have noticed; a group of concerned citizens with resources started ProPublica in 2007 and it has done great work. Partnering with commercial news organizations, ProPublica does investigative stories that are not economically viable for the “regular” media. And, success: It has grown its staff of investigative journalists and editors from 28 to over 75! I hope you know this great group, but whether you do or not, when we go Beyond The Norm today, let’s take a look at people helping keep investigative journalism alive!