Today on the show, justice is served on Aretha Franklin, Paul Manafort, #BenedictDonald, #Russiagate, the free press, what does it mean to be an American, soaring bankruptcies among senior citizens and flipping a U.S. Senate seat in Mississippistan? Aretha Franklin passed away today at 76. We’ll celebrate her life and music! Paul Manafort is awaiting […]

Beyond The Norm

People have been going to banks for loans forever. But, the Internet has sped things up; the use of electronic documents and instant access to credit reports has allowed companies to make loans fast, online. This let a group of companies become Internet-based lenders in the past few years, offering loans at hefty but not ridiculous interest rates. This is a fast-growing segment of the industry, although still only a small fraction. Have you heard the names “Lending Club” or “Sofi?” This is the market space we are discussing today – and tomorrow – a second part – a big court case that impacts this area, too! All when we go Beyond The Norm!