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Today on the show, justice is served on politics, guns, the police, the American Empire, the upcoming debate, polling and the Republican Party. The people of North Carolina and Oklahoma are the latest to deal with police violence and public outrage. Can we change the dynamic? The Republican Party is doing an impersonation of The […]

Beyond The Norm

The Internet is a great place to find many goods and services and also to be scammed. Because of the power of the Internet, many businesses live and die with their Internet ratings and reputations. Thus, the companies that provide ratings are very important. Yelp, as one such company, is seemingly under a constant barrage of claims that it manipulates its ratings for its own business advantage. We had another case like this and a court has ruled – pretty clearly – that Yelp wins again. Let’s do Senior Legal Analyst time today, when we go Beyond The Norm!