Today on the show, justice is served on our first-ever hashtag of the day, healthcare, the U.S. Senate, persuasion, changing minds, dispiritedness, Senior Legal Analyst time, #Russiagate and the Boy Scouts. We need our first-ever hashtag of the day, given the day’s events. It is #NoShortAttentionSpan. The Senate today moved on it’s healthcare-destroying bill and […]

Beyond The Norm

It is no secret that I am a believer in, user of, and proponent of cannabis. Thus, my bias and orientation are clear and known. However, despite that, I try to be objective and balanced in my analysis and today we do a bit of both: Rooting and analyzing – and the topic is pot! The context is a renewed push, from the new #TrumpUniversityAdministration, against cannabis, but Congress is pushing back – moderately. However, Congress aside, a new group of combatants has entered the field, and the analogy is apt – veterans – by large numbers, are now backing weed and demanding access to it through the Veterans Administration! This is a transpolitical issue and dovetails with our main theme of today’s show – slow, slogging progress, adapting and adjusting as we go, is the only way forward. So, today, when we go Beyond The Norm, America is changing, and we see it when veterans become the frontline soldiers in the war for legal cannabis!