Today on the show, justice is served on Afghanistan, the American Empire, #Trump, terrorism in Charlottesville and elsewhere, the eclipse, Senior Legal Analyst time, the Secret Service, Steve Bannon and Boston. A “major” speech tonight will outline the next phase of the war in Afghanistan. Where will #FakePresident take the Empire? Guess. Terrorism reverberates from […]

Beyond The Norm

Our show receives checks to our post office box, but the number and volume is very small compared to our online revenue streams. Without the Internet, our business would not exist and I mean that quite literally. The same is true for many others, of course, and that includes the American Nazis, the KKK and similar hate groups. For years, they have raised money online but now there is an effort to shut that whole thing down. Is it working? CAN it work? Let’s take a look at online funding of hate groups in America, today, when we go Beyond The Norm!