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Today on the show, justice is served on Benghazi, politics, Senior Legal Analyst time, Donald Trump, Hillary, Zika, terrorism, and Pat Summitt. House Republicans finally released their 800-page report about Benghazi and it was a sad reminder of politics as usual. Speaking of politics, Zika funding got caught up in politics and politics won. Senior […]

Beyond The Norm

We play awesome music (if I must say so myself) on our show, during the breaks. I wanted to program a classic rock and classic R&B station within our show and I did – but there’s the law to contend with! The music we play has rights owned by people who are not me – and they want to be paid! So, I have licenses, but since we started streaming on Facebook, a legal issue has arisen and I thought it would make a great BTN so, let’s look at copyright law, streaming music online and our show, today, when we go Beyond The Norm!