Today on the show, justice is served on #WhoIsAnAmerican, Senior Legal Analyst time, guns, the #AmericanEmpire, ┬áthat “military parade” and the National Anthem. We continue our examination of who is an American with the antics of you-know-who and the response, now, of a true American hero. This action may be sparking an insurrection, of sorts, […]

Beyond The Norm

Yesterday we looked at new players in a new market – online personal lenders, like SoFi and Lending Club. We compared this to other loans and today we turn to another aspect of this issue – exorbitant interest rates and the law. The California Supreme Court just issued a ruling – applicable only to California – that could potentially put some limits on interest rates that go as high as 96% and 135%! Would other states follow suit? Let’s see! Today, when we go Beyond The Norm, Part II of II on consumer online loans and the issue is the interest rates on these loans!