Today on the show, justice is served on sexual harassment, punishment, big names, figuring our liars, Senior Legal Analyst time, net neutrality, sanctuary cities and #Haiti. Today #DonaldTrumpWhoIsAPerv endorsed #RoyMooreFakeChristian. And, a prominent Congressman is now exposed as a sexual harasser – or is he? Plus, Charlie Rose is now retired. Let’s also pick up […]

Beyond The Norm

The tobacco companies were on quite a streak, for many years: Anytime someone sued, the tobacco companies won! Then, the states began suing and things changed – the tobacco companies lost! We then saw a similar situation develop with guns – but money and power intervened – and now we have the situation happening with a prescription opioid. Lawsuits are being filed by states and other political subdivisions and they do have standing – same as the the states suing the tobacco companies. But, there are questions of federal preemption (the FDA regulates legal drugs, the states cannot!) and an extra devilish detail – a synthetic, illegal version is now out on the streets. Let’s make today’s Beyond The Norm Senior Legal Analyst time, with the focus being the suits against Endo, the drug maker being blamed for the opioid overdose deaths, with an extra note about the illegal, “street” version also doing damage.