Today on the show, justice is served on disarray in the White House, #Russiagate, healthcare, the Senate, guns, the American Empire and “Made in America” week! The old White House Press Secretary is out and there’s a new “Communications Director” in. Wait until you hear this guy! The broader issue is disarray in the White […]

Beyond The Norm

I know people who have had – and have – blood cancer. It’s a serious and deadly disease; it afflicts a lot of people every year. Science has been trying to beat these cancers (leukemia and lymphoma are two of the best known types) and stem cells have been seen as the “holy grail” of defeating blood cancers. A new advancement was recently published, it avoids several of the problems conventional treatment has presented and provides promise for the near and far future! Today, when we go Beyond The Norm, another scientific advancement to help cure sick people!