Today on the show, justice is served on #BenedictDonald, his latest catastrophe, jumping the shark, Senior Legal Analyst time,┬áthe Las Vegas shooting last October,┬áthe abducted refugee children, Jared Kushner and insatiable greed. There are no #SafeSpaces for #CriminalDonald today. He came back to a tsunami of condemnation – and then made it worse, today. The […]

Beyond The Norm

It is being pitched as a new way of vacationing. A cross between luxurious camping and novel locations, for up to $750 per night, people stay in a “yurt,” with all the amenities of home. They stay in somewhat unusual or exotic places, however, like next to skyscrapers in Manhattan! It’s (to me) a sign of the times, but that’s my bias! Let’s take a look at the newest portmanteau (I have the best words – believe me!) today, glamping, when we go Beyond The Norm!