Today on the show, justice is served on #Russiagate, Exxon, civics class, Senior Legal Analyst time, guns, Afghanistan and President Obama. There’s big news on #Russiagate and it’s got multiple components! Sanctions, Exxon and the election investigation are all part of the story! Civics class and Senior Legal Analyst time both get attention today as […]

Beyond The Norm

The Los Angeles Times gets the credit for inspiring today’s Beyond The Norm segment and what a great topic! Many people in America get their electricity from private utilities. Those utilities, of course, get to decide the SOURCE of the power – often coal and other dirty fossil fuels. What some cities, counties and towns have been doing is creating “CCA’s” and those allow people in the private utility service area to easily switch to cleaner – and cheaper – power! It’s displacing the utilities while also NOT displacing the utilities and there’s some controversy about this, as you can imagine! Let’s explore green power, helped by local government and consumers, today, when we go Beyond The Norm!