Today on the show, justice is served on President’s Day, #Russiagate, guns, kids, political movements, an honest look at America, #Putin, the White House mishandling classified intel and #DACA. We are live here on President’s Day and isn’t it ironic we start with evidence of #Putin meddling in our elections? It’s now indisputable, so, can […]

Beyond The Norm

We may be seeing the start of a new social movement in America. Right now. #GunReformNow. Led by kids! But, we have also seen the #MeToo Movement develop very quickly and recently. Also recently, a leader of another social movement died. So, this all got me thinking about social movements in America and that got me researching! So today, ironically on President’s Day, we look at citizen power, social movements in America – from the beginning, right up to today – Beyond The Norm!