Today on the show, justice is served on various immigration topics, a lot of Senior Legal Analyst time, Roseanne, guns, the #AmericanEmpire and that Melania jacket. With government claims of hundreds of children being reunited with their parents, what’s next for the remaining two thousand kids? Plus, we have our Senior Immigration Legal Analyst with […]

Beyond The Norm

We are doing an obituary today, but not the standard kind. Usually, we do human obituaries – this is for a very famous gorilla  – ‘Koko.’ Sadly, Koko has died but her story is amazing and deserves to be shared. This also gives me the chance to add the story of ‘Michael’ another gorilla who was extraordinary; told stories that will make us very sad and very contemplative. Today, when we go Beyond The Norm, interspecies communication is real; Koko and Michael prove it conclusively!