Today on the show, justice is served on the foreign travels of #SoCalledPresident, terrorism, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Senior Legal Analyst time, #Russiagate and racism. He is overseas and causing trouble. You know who we are talking about and let’s see his latest adventure today. Senior Legal Analyst time is back with two big stories and […]

Beyond The Norm

I found a story about Twin Falls, Idaho and its refugee population and was fascinated. A very large group of foreigners (Afghanistan, Iraqis, and others) has, over time, moved into the town and all was going well – surprisingly. Then, things started to change. Donald Trump-types started making noise and then the focus was placed on a new employer in town – the Chobani Yogurt Company. Add it all up and tensions exist where none were before. There is a Senior Legal Analyst component to this as well, and we’ll do that in Part 2 tomorrow. But today, when we go Beyond The Norm, let’s look at Twin Falls, Idaho, refugees, and Chobani Yogurt!