All Actions Have Been Viewed Through A Political Prism For A Long Time Now

When #EverythingIsPolitics, that means ALL actions are viewed through a political lens: “Will this help or hurt us in the next election?” “Will the polls go in favor or against us?” “What are the private focus groups and polls showing?” It is this kind of thinking that jettisons all principles, ethics, morals, standards and simply reduces EVERYTHING to political calculations. We seem to have reached this level, or stage, and it should be clear that everything really IS politics. And has been for a long time. So, it is also clear that #PoliticsIsEverything; either engage in the political process – fight your way to the table – or be on the menu. And, an example from the news is here: Companies using their dollars as “votes” when they disapprove of a controversial political decision (like banning abortion) by a state or states. Note that the companies say they will have trouble attracting the talent they need – to live and work in ‘these states’ – and that surely makes sense – as no one with any sense wants to live like a troglodyte. The companies are compelled to use their dollars as political leverage – it’s their business at stake. Time for everyone to get into the 21st Century. Bigly.