And They Accused President Obama Of Executive Overreach!

It’s really quite disgusting (and amazingly breathtaking) to see how Republicans take completely contradictory positions on all issues, just depending upon the political results of each fight. They have zero principles – other than win. Cheat, lie, steal, and do it all while proclaiming themselves #Christian. Be all smug and uppity, but be a fraud. Wow. Their shamelessness is impressive.

Look how they attacked President Obama endlessly for any executive action he took – it was executive overreach! A dictator! Now that #BenedictDonald is there, Republicans cheer on every one of his illegal, unconstitutional, executive overreaches – all because of politics. And this new one is stunning. The reporting had been that, after the Supreme Court told him “no Census question on citizenship status” #PutinsPuppet is considering ignoring the court and issuing an executive order anyway – to intentionally and directly disobey the Supreme Court. How would Republicans react if Obama did this???????? #OneStandardAppliedToAll #ImpeachTheMFA–alert-national&wpmk=1