Animal Rescue


I am so glad you are interested in reading about – or going further and – adopting a new friend!

Frances (my wife) is the person who made animal rescue a part of my life. Until I met Frances, I had two cats in my entire life and they came from litters of cats at the homes of friends. Frances saw all the rescue ads in the Los Angeles Times when she did the crossword puzzle each day, and when we discussed getting a dog, it was rescue all the way!

We started with Bassett hounds and since have had a variety of dogs and cats. We have generally rescued older animals and that means we go through a lot of them. But, older animals are very difficult to get placed, so we do what we can to help.

For anyone interested in rescuing, there are all manner of dogs, cats, birds, iguanas, bunnies, fish, you name it – there are needy critters everywhere and all the time! They are young, middle aged, old, small, medium, large, purebred (oh yes, many purebred, beautiful dogs are available) – there are so many, you can find exactly the right friend for you! And, I know this may sound crazy, but after all the animals we have rescued, I am convinced that they know you rescued them and they are extra grateful!

One last note: Please bring a rescued animal (or any animal) into your home quietly, with a minimum of excitement and stress, like especially not during the Christmas holidays, if you have a lot of family and guests coming and going. A calm adjustment period is very helpful to you and your new friend. These poor creatures are already often traumatized from their lives before meeting you, so please bring them into your life gently, and that will keep behavioral adjustment problems to a minimum.

I hope you’d like to go further, so please look here for some great resources: