April 16, 2018 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on Senior Legal Analyst time, #BenedictDonald, Michael Cohen, #JamesComey, Sean Hannity, Scott Pruitt, cannabis, and ‘the American people.’

A lot of law topics today as Michael Cohen (Trump’s fixer) was in court and had to reveal Sean Hannity as a client! And, he was asking for something very unusual from the court – as was his boss. Plus, cannabis and states’ rights got an enormous victory in a very unusual way!

Two schoolyard bullies are taunting each other – except one ran the FBI and the other fired him from that job!

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was told today that he broke the law with $43,000 of taxpayer money – will they ‘lock him up?’

New polling shows ‘the American people’ have overwhelmingly rejected #BenedictDonald. Surprised?

On Beyond The Norm, this ‘telecommuting’ thing sure can be flexible – and come in very handy!

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