Aren’t You Tempted? Be Honest.

We are seeing these stories in the news; #BenedictDonald supporters who are personally suffering bigly under his policies. I gather that these people (e.g., Midwest farmers bankrupted by tariffs, the family in this article, split apart by cruel immigration policies) thought it was only “the other” who would be gobbled up by this bird of prey. So, how do you feel about this kind of situation? What do you say to these people? In my humble opinion, it is perfectly legitimate (and normal) to say various things, such as “I don’t care, do you?” or #BlameYourself or “you wanted to hurt others, now it boomeranged and so, ‘thoughts and prayers’ to you.” How about ‘what goes around comes around’? I don’t think we – the good, patriotic Americans who #resist this #CriminalDonald – should forever tear ourselves up, wringing our hands over the damage his supporters have done to themselves. They’ve caused plenty of damage to innocent others, and it to THOSE people I feel for and try to protect. We have to fix this mess going forward, but when bad things happen to the bad guys, sorry, I have run out of sympathy. It is well past time they learn their lesson and change their bad behavior. Then maybe we can work things out to #WinTheFuture but they need to take their lumps now.