At First, It Was ‘Fun’….

#BenedictDonald called into ‘Morning Joe’ and other shows, playing the clown; acting the fool, 2015 and 2016. He got LOTS of air time. It was cheap and easy to produce and very profitable for the TV networks. ┬áHe wasn’t held to account, they let him say the most ridiculous things. It was entertainment for cable news folks, who obligingly went along with the gag. Before that, his racist #Birther nonsense captivated the news industry and they gave him incredible amounts of free exposure for THAT horrible thing. Unfortunately, all that helped build this monster. And, having helped create him, they still don’t know how to deal with the guy. Or, is it because the TV ratings and revenue are still so good?

IMHO, the way to deal with #DonaldTrumpWhoIsAPerv is to mock him, belittle him. Give nothing but disrespect to #CriminalDonald. He’s the most loathsome creature around, that’s what he deserves. Could this be why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now saying she’s ‘done with him’? To ignore him and not feed his insatiable lust for attention? Since he’s IN the office that he’s in, ignoring him does not seem like much of an option to me. He’s still #PutinsPuppet, though, and us constantly reminding folks that he’s an illegitimate so-called president, a constantly lying windbag, and a criminal, hiding everything about himself, is our patriotic duty. And, I hope we learn from this. Lots of damage is being – and will continue to be – done. Can we #WinTheFuture?