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  • Perhaps This Is One Reason Why Guys Like This Have Never Been Elected Before

    This is a perfect example of why he’s #NotARealPresident. ALL policy is complex and #SoCalledPresident will find himself swamped time and again (pardon the pun) and his very good brain won’t say a lot of things. Because he doesn’t know anything. #NotARealPresident.

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  • It Has Been Called “Eating Crow”

    Immediately after the catastrophic Republican “repeal and replace” collapse, House Speaker Paul Ryan had to publicly say Obamacare is the law the land; here for the foreseeable future and they are moving on – abandoning the issue that made them screech hysterically for 7 years. That couldn’t have felt good. This should motivate us to […]

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  • It’s “The Failing #IllegitimatePresident”

    The New York Times calls it a “major defeat” for #SoCalledPresident and I believe that understates the magnitude of this catastrophe for him and his Party. #RepublicanCivilWar2017