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  • Doing It Out In The Open Doesn’t Make It Legal

    #BenedictDonald has been caught already. #ConspiracyToDefraudTheUS (and #Treason) and there is a lot of evidence in the public record now. Plus, the #Mueller investigation isn’t even done yet! And the Democrats take over the House next month. They will #InvestigateLikeHillarysEmails and more damning evidence will spill out. Perhaps #TaxReturns? Is this the beginning of the […]

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  • It’s A Giant Shakedown For Money

    #BenedictDonald is not just an idiot and incompetent fool; he’s a greedy jerk. And, he brought his ignorant-but-greedy children and son-in-law with him to play ‘president.’ But, they ain’t playing – they’re grifting. And, on this big stage – the major leagues – they are so overmatched and manipulated, it’s pathetic. In fact, because the […]

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  • The Jury Did Not Deliberate Long….

    Today, some measure of justice was rendered for Heather Heyer and the other victims of the savage car-ramming attack in Charlottesville’s ‘Unite The Nazis’ so-called march. Convictions on first-degree murder and more.

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  • December 7, 2018 – Today’s Show!

    Today on the show, justice is served on jobs, the stock market, the economy, #Russiagate, Rex Tillerson, #BenedictDonald, Senior Legal Analyst time, and distractions. A new jobs report is out and since you-know-who isn’t tweeting about it, he must not think it’s good. The economy and the stock market are looking shaky, too, and I […]

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  • #Distractions

    Today is #Mueller Day – with big reveals due as to both #Manafort and #Cohen – and so, #BenedictDonald is doing his best to distract from those giant stories. I won’t fall for it, but this story should not get lost in the jumble. When Rex Tillerson is the good guy – again – it’s […]