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  • What Will Happen In Ohio? North Carolina? Florida? Pennsylvania? Michigan? Wisconsin?

    Since he illegitimately got into the White House, squeaking in by 77,000 votes combined over three states (in an environment of voter suppression, #Putin interfering, etc.) #BenedictDonald has not tried to attract new followers. He has simply stoked his most hardcore supporters endlessly. The result? He has shed millions of voters nationally and many of […]

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  • This Is All The Natural Consequence Of Our Situation – How’d We Get Into This Situation? Civics!

    This is, for better or worse (here, worse, for the good guys) how our system works. It’s a crooked system, a rigged system. Because George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and the boys gave ONLY the U.S. Senate (not the House of Representatives) power to confirm (or deny, #MerrickGarland) judges for life (all federal judges […]

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  • I Don’t Have Amnesia

    My memory works fine. And I recall the Republican Party constantly screeching about #DebtAndDeficit under President Obama; even demanding offsetting spending cuts to pay for emergency disaster relief! This was all just a few years ago. Now, with #BenedictDonald in there and a collapsed Republican Party in Congress, there is the opposite – two standards. […]

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  • At First, It Was ‘Fun’….

    #BenedictDonald called into ‘Morning Joe’ and other shows, playing the clown; acting the fool, 2015 and 2016. He got LOTS of air time. It was cheap and easy to produce and very profitable for the TV networks. ┬áHe wasn’t held to account, they let him say the most ridiculous things. It was entertainment for cable […]

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  • For Republicans, This Alone Would Be Enough!

    In the #OneStandardAppliedToAll department, any Democratic president would be impeached for this by any Republican House – regardless of whether the Senate would convict and actually throw the bum out of office. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and The Boys would be aghast at any president telling witnesses to disobey Congressional subpoenas. They would want the […]

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  • They Hate The Guy

    Look how we have presented our nation to the world: Last three – George W. Bush, President Obama and now this complete disgrace. They surely must be wondering what the hell is the matter with us; whipsawing like that, sending Bush and #BenedictDonald to the White House. And all the gun violence? The mass shootings? […]