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  • It’s The Mother Of All Coverups!

    Even with the low, rancid, lying, corrupt standards of #BenedictDonald, whatever this treasonous “promise” was to a foreign official must really be a whopper. #Brokeahontas is desperately trying to hide this one. How many others are there?

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  • This Guy….

    The more #BenedictDonald speaks, he more he reveals that he’s a white supremacist, white nationalist, old school racist. I remember this kind of talk from then-Alabama Governor George Wallace – in 1968. #Brokeahontas is stuck in the culture wars of the 1960’s!

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  • It’s Very Frustrating

    People get upset when each and every outrageous thing happens. It’s understandable. But, it all came from one source – which was completely avoidable – and that was the election of November 8, 2016. Lessons must be learned. The anger and bitterness of each of these awful acts must be remembered and used as fuel […]

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  • It’s One Vote Many Consequences

    And this is an example of why the presidency is so powerful. The president is in charge of the ENTIRE Executive Branch. And the Executive Branch is vast; it includes the Pentagon. Please, let’s learn. No more #PurityTests and #NoShortAttentionSpan. Just #RepealAndReplaceRepublicans.

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  • America Is Changing

    President Obama hoped to “break the fever” of rabid, frothing-at-the-mouth Republicons who hated him, and Democrats, so much they would rather sell out their country to a foreign dictator than have an honest election. Well, it looks like the fever is breaking now. #Brokeahontas is accelerating the pace of change in America by being a […]

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  • It Seems Like People Are Learning, But….

    It’s #OneVoteManyConsequences and this is one of the lesser consequences. Torturing children? Massive tax cuts for the rich and big business? Supreme Court? Destroy the environment? We can’t be running purity tests anymore.

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  • How Did We Get Here?

    To better understand our present situation, it’s good to look back into American history. We have been here before. Massive #WealthAndIncomeInequality along with workers being treated like garbage – that happened here. That’s why we have labor unions. With the resurgent war by capital against labor, they are winding back the clock to those bad […]