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  • ‘That’s Right, Lock Him Up – Lock Them All Up’

    Here is definitive proof of #Collusion. Way over 100 contacts between #BenedictDonald and the Russians. If a Democratic presidential candidate had done this, the Republicans would be screeching so hysterically about #Treason they’d burst a vein. #WhoIsAPatriot? #TraitorTrump must go. #ITMF

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  • On This Day After Tax Day….

    One key difference between taxation and charity is that one is compulsory and the other is voluntary. Telling people who think taxes should be higher “just pay more” is mixing up charity and taxation. Taxes pay for public needs; national defense, street lights, roads, sewers, etc. Charity is haphazard and random – by definition – […]

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  • Americans Want Evenhandedness!

    Happy Tax Day! While Republican politicians trick gullible voters with ‘gay, God and gun’ social/religious issues, they steal the money for their corporate masters. #FollowTheMoney and where are the #TaxReturns of #BenedictDonald? Please don’t be distracted. They only care about the money. And, since this illegal, so-called “Administration” won’t comply with Congressional deadlines for his […]

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Said “Pay The Taxes” When He Was Governor….

    #BenedictDonald said #DrainTheSwamp and this is not how you do that, or #MAGA. This is simply more corruption and swampiness. Can we sweep the Republicans aside now? That will require deal making amongst ourselves. Can we do it? #NoPurityTests #NoShortAttentionSpan Go #Transpolitical and #WinTheFuture

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  • They ARE Four Letter Words! “Barr” And “Cohn”

    #BenedictDonald has found his new Roy Cohn. In the so-called “Attorney General” #CriminalDonald has his dream: A spineless dupe who will do every bad thing that his boss wants done. Now the FBI is under investigation for investigating #PutinsPuppet. That’s rich. #OneVoteManyConsequences. Barr is also covering up everything and the message to Democrats in the […]