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  • Why Do Republicans Stay In Office But Democrats Must Quit In Disgrace? WHO Is The ‘Family Values’ Party?

    #FamilyValues and #whoisachristian get presented very clearly here: The Missouri Republican Governor has been indicted in a criminal case for felony invasion of privacy! He allegedly photographed his girlfriend (while cheating on his wife) partially bound and blindfolded (consensual) and threatened her with exposure if she tattled on their affair. He denied it. The prosecutor […]

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  • The Moral Of This ‘Bot’ Story Is….

    Calm down. Work with the facts, live with the truth. These bots are 90 people with some millions of dollars to add to the already existing chaos, lies and mess that is American public debate. Our hysteria feeds and amplifies their power.

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  • Defend Death?

    I thought we were #ProLife? And, when it is gun manufacturers versus teenagers (who are still burying their classmates and teachers) I like the kids’ chances! BUT, #NoShortAttentionSpan, please. I’m with them! Settle in and get ready for a long fight. What are you doing for the next eight years, and then some? #ScrewTheNRA #GunsAbort […]

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  • Feb. 22, 2018 – Darwin Would Love These – “Tardigrades” The Oddest Little Things Ever – They Survive In Outer Space!

    We have done all manner of topics in these BTN segments, but this may be one of the weirder Beyond The Norm’s ever! Formally named “tardigrades” they are called “water bears” but only grow to about a millimeter in length (over twenty-five millimeters fit in an inch!) and are the most hearty things around! When […]

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  • Feb. 21, 2018 – Senior Legal Analyst Time – Are Websites People, My Friend? They Have First Amendment Rights?

    It has been true forever that Hollywood loves youth. Youth is so prized, in fact, that actors (and especially actresses) go to great lengths to stay young-looking and sometimes, cheat a bit on their ages. Actors got the California state Legislature to pass a law, last year, allowing actors/actresses to have their age-related information removed […]