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  • #OneVoteManyConsequences

    That hashtag was never more clear than here: Because the Democratic Party took back the House, they can force this resolution on the ridiculous, racist #EmergencyDeclaration. Some of the Democrats in the House may be not so fabulous, but they seem to fit their districts and they count as Democrats for the purpose of the […]

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  • February 21, 2019 – Today’s Show!

    Today on the show, justice is served on our penultimate show, a revealing compare-and-contrast-job, measuring sticks, existentialism, Senior Legal Analyst time, #Russiagate, and ‘America First’ becoming ‘America Alone.’ Our next-to-last show will be part contemplative (I have the best words) and part news. I have additional parting thoughts as we recap our big themes here […]

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  • Who’s Time In The Barrel Is It Now, Roger?

    This weak-ass, ridiculous, ‘plausible deniability’ claim of an “apology” by Roger Stone is part of the treachery. He does an awful thing – like threatening a judge’s life – but does it somewhat obliquely. Clear, but not TOO clear. The crosshairs are NOT crosshairs, they’re a “Celtic symbol” done up by some volunteer somewhere. This […]