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  • Washington, D.C. Is A Leaky Place

    This reporting shows how much damning evidence #BenedictDonald is trying to hide. The proof keeps coming out – in this case, #PutinsPuppet personally ordered the hold on Ukraine military defense funding – within two hours of his infamous call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. And, #DirtyDonald had to replace career government employees with political hacks, because […]

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  • Are We Done Here?

    The warning signs are everywhere and obvious: If we don’t change course now, the future is bleak. Environmental collapse is no laughing matter and too few seem to take it very seriously. Again, the warning signs are blinking red.

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  • Can The Job Be Finished?

    The House impeached the son of a bitch! A big victory for the Constitution and rule of law! And, since #BenedictDonald called an NFL player a “son of a bitch” it’s #OneStandardAppliedToAll cuz he ain’t special. Now that #DirtyDonald has indeed been impeached, it’s up to the Senate to #GetHimOut. Will they do it? Can […]

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  • I Think President Lincoln Would Approve!

    They’re called “opinion leaders,” people who can influence public opinion by virtue of their prominence and trust. These former Republicans are trying to persuade other Republicans (and independents) to #DumpTrump. Remember, we don’t need to persuade 100% of the voters; these contests are fought in the margins. #BenedictDonald only “won” by 77,000 votes spread over […]

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  • This Is Why I Support Senator Warren

    Has #BenedictDonald done anything to address #WealthAndIncomeInequality? Quite to the contrary, he’s made it worse, with his massive tax cuts for the rich and big business, exploding budget deficits and a giant group of really struggling Americans. Can we learn that it’s #OneVoteManyConsequences? I have my doubts.

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  • We Won This Fight For This Moment, But….

    #OneVoteManyConsequences is once again shown here. We need to screw around with this absurdity – #BenedictDonald attempting to steal billions from a bloated Pentagon budget to fritter away on a ridiculous #RacistMonument. Is this forward progress? We’re farting around with lots of stupidity and the world is melting from climate change. Other nations are moving […]

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  • It’s Not The Kitchen Sink Approach

    It looks like the Mueller Report will not be a part of the impeachment. All Ukraine and blowing off subpoenas by Congress – refusing to produce any documents or provide witnesses. It sort of doesn’t matter what’s in there, so long as Republicans in the Senate protect #BenedictDonald. Will it take a mass demonstration (millions […]

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  • One Vote, MANY Consequences

    It’s been three long years with another to go, right? Math death. Four year fixed terms – it’s in the Constitution. With this story, of #FakeChristians trying to starve Americans to death, I hope people have now seen the depth, and the breadth, of the powers of the presidency. This should have been (for normal, […]

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  • There Is No Defense

    The evidence of bribery (in my opinion, treason as well) and other high crimes and misdemeanors against #BenedictDonald is overwhelming and undisputed. The obstruction of Congress (ignoring subpoenas and telling witnesses not to testify, as well as refusing to produce documents) is worse than anything Nixon ever tried and thus, the House has no choice […]