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  • Is This The Hill He Wants To Die On? In A Manner Of Speaking?!?

    The style #BenedictDonald uses (taught by Roy Cohn – never back down, never admit an error, always attack, always double down – roar and bully) may not apply so well to this issue: Ripping children from their parents’ arms. But, he’s doubling down. How long can that last? He’s sparking #RepublicanCivilWar2018.

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  • June 19, 2018 – Today’s Show!

    Today on the show, justice is served on ripping children from their parents’ arms, cruelty, lying and #BenedictDonald, pushback and the Republican Party, doubling down, politics, double Senior Legal Analyst time, terriers and bariffs everywhere and Nazis. The horrible saga continues: Doubling down, as is his way, #CriminalDonald is now admitting what he had lied […]

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  • His Own DHS Secretary Said “No Policy” And “We’re Not Apologizing For The Policy” In 24 Hours!

    #EveryWordALie and what happened to Mr-I-Alone-Can-Fix-It? Now he’s powerless to stop his own policy unless CONGRESS acts? To quote #BenedictDonald: “We’re weak, we’re ineffective.” Truth is, he’s torturing children for extortion of $25 BILLION (in one payment, now!) for his #RacistMonument #Wall and we should have seen all of this coming – and prevented it […]