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  • The Hand Wringing, Finger Pointing and Teeth Gnashing Is Well Underway….Is That Productive?

    Now, can we try going #Transpolitical? Common sense should rule. Big, broad issues that generate consensus. Healthcare, jobs, infrastructure, taxes, waste, fraud, abuse of tax dollars. Efficient, compassionate government that is not too big or too small. No labels – no liberals, progressives or conservatives – just a list of big issues and agreeing to […]

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  • They Cannot Hide The Thing Forever!

    The Senate Republican secret effort to destroy Obamacare is about to be not a secret anymore. And details are starting to leak – the full plan is supposedly being released tomorrow. We’ll be on it!

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  • June 21, 2017 – Today’s Show!

    Today on the show, justice is served on our word of the day, yesterday’s congressional elections, civics class, Senior Legal Analyst time, police shootings, #Russiagate, American jobs and terrorism. The word of the day is “plod” and it applies today, since the Jon Ossoff-Karen Handel race from yesterday is the big news and I have […]

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  • June 21, 2017 – Senior Legal Analyst Time And What Happens When The Feds Violate The Constitution And Harm Us?

    The issue is: What happens when the federal government violates the Constitution against U.S. persons? What’s the remedy? In 1965, a very unconstitutional police raid of a family’s home led to a major Supreme Court decision in 1971. That decision allowed people wronged by federal authorities to sue the federal government for money damages when […]