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  • It Must Have Something To Do With This Global Warming They Keep Talking About

    Many people, including key political leaders and so-called captains of industry, are not only doing little to fight this life-ending threat, they’re denying the threat exists. While we fiddle, Rome and all else is burning. Instead of getting better, the problem of climate change is getting worse. Unless we act, and soon….

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  • Destroy The American Military?

    #Putin wins again. Who else stands to gain so much from low morale and division in the American military ranks? As @SpeakerPelosi said, all roads with #BenedictDonald lead to Putin. Did Putin tell #Brokeahontas to intervene in these three cases? For this?    

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  • Have They Seen Enough?

    It’s been over three years since #BenedictDonald got into office via a rigged and fixed system. I remember well the #PurityPolice who couldn’t stomach Hillary; other people who said it didn’t matter who got in, then the millions of apathetic voters who sat out public engagement entirely. Plus, the purged voters, who were prevented from […]

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  • The Facts Are Not Disputed

    Compelling witness after compelling witness told the truth – and that truth devastated #BenedictDonald in the impeachment hearings. Despite all the alternative reality craziness spun by Republicons, the facts are incontrovertible. We are now down to a choice: Corruption or patriotism? Country or Party? America or Russia? It’s #DecisionTime for 53 Republican Senators.

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  • Testimonial Bombshells Away!

    The Gordon Sondland testimony was very bad for #BenedictDonald. Tying #PutinsPuppet directly to the Ukrainian extortion scam, Sondland made clear that he was not acting or going rogue; he dragged everyone under the bus with him! Claiming there was no “alternative” or “irregular” channel of diplomacy, Ambassador Sondland testified that Secretary of State Pompeo, Chief […]

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  • At Some Point It’s Overwhelming….

    It just keeps getting worse for #BenedictDonald. The third day of witness testimony was supposed to be his best day – the two witnesses (Volker and Morrison) were guys the Republicans wanted. Instead Volker tied #Brokeahontas directly to the linkage of aid for manufactured dirt on the Bidens. #PutinsPuppet is in deep trouble with the […]

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  • This Guy Is Sick….

    #BenedictDonald has lied so much, and lost all his credibility, such that now, when he needs to tell a lie, it flops spectacularly. He obviously has just had some kind of medical emergency – heart attack? He’s got every sign for a heart attack and, with #NoCredibility, the lame excuse they gave, ‘part of an […]

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  • Now That We’ve Had Day Two….

    The second day of public testimony in the House impeachment inquiry was another devastating one for #BenedictDonald. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was as awesome as the prior two witnesses and triggered #PutinsPuppet to commit witness intimidation during the hearing. Amazing. Then, Roger Stone was convicted on all seven criminal counts by a federal Washington jury. And […]