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  • This Is Shocking, But Should Not Be A Surprise!

    A lopsided majority of Americans overall oppose this immoral, anti-Christian and un-American policy – a predictable result. Yet more than half of Republicans approve. That’s the shocking and unsurprising part. Disgusting and disgraceful, too. #WhoIsAnAmerican #NotThesePeople #WhoIsAChristian #NotThesePeople

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  • On The Merits, Of Course, In This Case, She Is Right. Not Just Politically.

    Laura Bush. Married to George W. Bush. Who gave us torture (“enhanced interrogation techniques”) plus Guantanamo Bay, plus Alberto Gonzalez (saying the Geneva Conventions were “quaint”) plus illegal dragnet spying on America, plus the enormous lie, fraud and catastrophe that was and remains the Iraq Debacle. Plus Dick Cheney. Plus two Supreme Court seats. Plus […]

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  • All The Anti-Abortion Bellyaching And Whining – Yet So Indifferent To Life

    Is this #ProLife? Is this how we #ProtectTheBabies? This question of #WhoIsAChristian is not an academic exercise – life and death hinges on the proper definition of #Christian. Act as #Jesus would – or stop invoking his name. #FakeChristians #DonaldTrumpWhoIsAPerv

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  • The Policy Only Began Six Weeks (Or So) Ago – So, Who Is At Fault For The Catastrophe?

    First, it was the Democrats’ fault. Now, abandoning that, it’s just a negotiating ploy. Either way, it’s a lie or inhuman. Using the ripping of children from mothers’ arms to get a political win? #WhoIsAChristian and what the heck kind of #FamilyValues are those? A reckoning is at hand…face yourselves, #FakeChristians. #BenedictDonald #WhoIsAnAmerican