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  • April 27, 2017 – Today’s Show!

    Today on the show, justice is served on Obamacare, taxes, NAFTA, Michael Flynn, the government shutdown, infrastructure, more marching and the American Empire. The new effort to kill Obamacare is reportedly itself on life support – again. The same can be said for the “tax proposal” from #IncompetentIllegitimatePresident that came out yesterday. The latest flip-flop […]

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  • It Sounds Like The Policy Of His Predecessors, Except With Extra Belligerence And The War Option Escalated

    So, is this true? There are various “senior White House officials” saying contradictory things on different topics all the time. Is this a “message” to N. Korea? Part of the ongoing “negotiation?” Do they care that “the American people” are getting scared of war? Trudging 100 Senators over to the White House in buses for […]

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  • Is Cliven Bundy Running This Administration?

    The extreme agenda of #IllegitimatePresident now extends to reneging on his campaign promise about leaving national monuments alone. Cliven Bundy (remember him?) and all the oil and natural resource drilling industries LOVE this idea – plundering public lands for private profits. Even people in states like Montana want to keep public lands public! We need […]

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  • How Can We Talk Taxes Without Seeing His Returns?

    Republican Civil War 2017 is surfacing again over taxes, of all things! #IllegitimatePresident is already being slammed by his own party members in Congress for this bad piece of thing he announced today! It’s going to be a big mess and we need to help! #Indivisible and

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  • April 26, 2017 – Today’s Show!

    Today on the show, justice is served on taxes, Obamacare, Senior Legal Analyst time, immigration law, net neutrality, Cliven Bundy and #Russiagate! Today, #IllegitimatePresident proposed massive tax cuts. Where’s this going? There’s also a new deal on killing Obamacare and will it work this time? Senior Legal Analyst time is back with a deep dive […]

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  • So Much Winning!

    Are we tired of winning, yet? On the Wall, loser. On Obamacare, loser. On sanctuary cities, loser. Muslim ban, loser. Drain the swamp, big loser. “Tax reform?” Are you kidding me? #SoMuchWinning #AreWeTiredOfWinningYet