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  • This Is Not The Way To ‘Cover All Your Bases’

    Now we have a prominent judge accused of sexual harassment. One layer below the Supreme Court – but a well-known federal judge. Now all three branches of government have been sullied by sexual misconduct.

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  • This Is Their Idea Of “Family Values”

    Republican Congressman Trent Franks (who’s a perv!) is resigning from Congress today. He apparently was offering $5 million to staffers to carry his child! And, there is reporting that he also just wanted to have fun. And he’s married. And a Bible-thumping #FamilyValues radical #Republican. And, he’s not the only one….

  • On The Show
  • December 8, 2017 – Today’s Show!

    Today on the show, justice is served on sexual harassment, Congress, jobs, guns, the American Empire, #Russiagate, the tax bill and the now-not-impending-government-shutdown. Congress is now engulfed in sexual harassment issues. Two Republican House members are in deep trouble – one is resigning today! What the resigning guy did was FAR worse than Senator Franken! […]