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  • February 21, 2018 – Today’s Show!

    Today on the show, justice is served on guns, the #NRA, teenagers, the 1960’s, #NoShortAttentionSpan, the Republican Party, social movements, Senior Legal Analyst time and #Russiagate! Today our television screens were filled with amazing images of young people walking out and literally standing up for themselves. It reminds me of the 1960’s, but many questions […]

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  • Of All The Hashtags – #RepealAndReplaceRepublicans Is My Favorite!

    “Justice will be served” and #GunReformNow are prominent in a sign, if you look at this story. A teen is holding the sign. Now that the Florida legislature has refused to do anything to respond to these students and this shooting, will the people get justice? Will there be #GunReformNow? #RepealAndReplaceRepublicans

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  • This Really Goes To The Issue Of Treason

    #Kushner should not have a security clearance – he is compromised by foreign ties. The FBI apparently won’t give him a permanent clearance so he should be OUT of the White House! #MishandlingClassifiedIntel is what they went after Hillary for – their mishandling is FAR worse! #LockHimUp #LockThemAllUp