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  • He Said He’d Release Those Tax Returns – What Happened?

    #BenedictDonald does not care about laws and rules. But judges do. Even judges he nominated. Like in this #TaxReturns case. How much dirty money has he laundered for Putin? What’s he hiding in those files? “If you have nothing to hide…Hillary.” #OneStandardAppliedToAll and #OneVoteManyConsequences. Let’s learn and never do this again, please. #RepealAndReplaceRepublicans

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  • This Is What They Fear Most

    Demographic and population changes, combined with the current Republicon Party being a fascist insanity machine, have turned the suburbs Democratic. The urbs were (of course) already Democratic, so, if the suburbs join in, there simply won’t be enough rural and “exurban” voters who want to sustain the Republicons in their current radical form. This is […]

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  • The Election Which Reveals The Truth

    The Kentucky gubernatorial election last night reveals (again) that #BenedictDonald has no election magic. Quite the opposite, he is toxic to his Party; the suburbs are abandoning Republicans in droves. And, the damage is filtering down to the most local level – in Pennsylvania, some suburban Republican strongholds for the last 150 years just flipped […]

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  • The Documents Are In The Possession Of A Third Party – Mazar’s!

    #BenedictDonald can stall, but not forever. The day of #TaxReturns reckoning is coming, and soon.–alert-politics–alert-national&wpmk=1

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  • They Should Be Worried….

    Lt. Col. Vindman’s testimony today is more devastating news for this illegal, illegitimate “Administration.” The reaction, from Republicans, has been to attack an American hero for telling the truth about their criminal chief executive. Disgraceful. And, Republican Senators are in a very tough spot – of their own complicit making. The House will impeach #BenedictDonald […]

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  • This Guy….

    He can’t do anything right. The abrupt cutting and running – thereby abandoning the Kurds – was horrible enough; now it seems #BenedictDonald threw planning of this raid into disarray. The military had to move fast – and they did. But it was more dangerous than it would have been if they’d been left to […]