Chris Matthews Can Make This Prediction – I Cannot!

I refuse to play along with #illegitimatePresident and his constant “Wall of Manure Strategy,” distracting from one disaster by lurching to the next and throwing tons of manure at us in the process, often via Twitter. This Gorsuch Supreme Court nomination is a non-story for this reason: If Democrats filibuster (and it looks like they will, but we need to REALLY pressure them to do so) the issues are: 1) Will enough Dems stick together to vote no (they can lose 7, but lose 8 out of their 48 Dems and the filibuster fails) and; 2) Will Republicans break the filibuster with the nuclear option, thus getting Gorsuch on the Court with just 52 Republican votes instead of the 60 needed with a filibuster? This is ALL we need to know about this and I will keep the focus on the #LittleTyrant growing like cancer in the White House and his many un-American, unconstitutional actions.