Dec. 6, 2017 – Senior Legal Analyst Time And An Emotionally-Charged, Hot Button Issues Trial About A Death That Got Major National Attention

Her name was Kathryn (“Kate”) Steinle and she was a 32-year old walking with her father, in the summertime, in the very popular San Francisco tourist area of the waterfront pier. A homeless man, who was here illegally and had been deported five times (and was released by San Francisco Sheriff’s authorities, despite a request by immigration authorities to hold him – there’s more to that story) picked up a gun and shot her dead. Or did he? He was charged with murder and more and the jury acquitted him of all the murder and death charges. Sound familiar? Donald Trump made a big deal of this case and it got major national news attention. But, when it came to the trial, then the law took over. Senior Legal Analyst time is here today, Beyond The Norm, to explain what happened and why with the tragic death of Kate Steinle.