December 21, 2018 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on the #TrumpShutdown, the wall, #FiscalConservatism, Senior Legal Analyst time, the Mattis resignation, the Dow, guns and the #AmericanEmpire.

He said he wouldn’t blame the Democrats for shutting down the government, so now he’s blaming the Democrats! The government will shut down and we know who’s fault it is! Believe me! The wall is the issue and where is Mexico in all this? Plus, aren’t we broke?

Senior Legal Analyst time involves the Supreme Court, twice. First, a health issue with Ruth Bader Ginsburg – lung cancer surgery. Then, by 5 – 4, #BenedictDonald suffered a loss on his asylum-denial policy!

The resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis has shaken the global military and diplomatic orders to their cores. Is that good? The Dow is not good; just suffering its worst week in ten years. Remember 2008?

Since it’s Friday, guns and the #Empire are on the agenda and this week saw major news on the #AmericanEmpire front!

On Beyond The Norm, salt and our health – it’s a confusing topic – to me, at least!

Fierce independence requires clearing up confusion. This is our aim, here, at the home of fierce independence – The Norman Goldman Show!