December 3, 2018 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on President George H.W. Bush, Putin and MBS, terriers and bariffs everywhere, Senior Legal Analyst time and voter suppression – by guess who?

The 41st President died this weekend and that gives us multiple chances to think, discuss and learn! Speaking of learning, #BenedictDonald learned this weekend that he is being mocked by his two biggest owners – #Putin and #MBS!

A possible deal was struck over the tariffs with China, but it’s all very murky. Surprised?

Senior Legal Analyst time returns with James Comey’s subpoena by Congress and what is “conspiracy to defraud the United States?” There is also a bizarre case of voter fraud in North Carolina – committed by – Republicans! Of course!

On Beyond The Norm, people do not like the concept of ‘toilet-to-tap’ for their water, but climate change is forcing it to happen.

Fierce independence means recognizing, and dealing with, reality. We wallow in reality here – at the home of fierce independence – The Norman Goldman Show!