Democrats Too? – Shame On Them!

The health insurance industry makes whopping sums of money – off our healthcare. Where do you think their profits come from? By overcharging us and not paying for what our doctors say we need. So, is it any surprise that this giant, greedy industry did ghostwriting for politicians – penning op-eds against Medicare For All? Campaign donations? And, Democrats are in this group, too. Shame on them! These kinds of scare tactics were used before – Harry and Louise ads against the President Clinton health care plan in 1993. “Socialism” has been used as an attack since at least Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930’s and that old, worn-out claim is still being deployed today. Please don’t be manipulated by the nasty tactics of disreputable people. Figure things out for yourself. Our healthcare should not be left to the pirates and vultures running today’s health insurance marketplace. I’d like to have a democratic say in how my healthcare is managed. I don’t need a big insurance company getting between me and my doctor.