Did You Say $320 Billion!?!? Absolutely!

For so many years, we have been hearing the alleged, self-proclaimed “conservatives” and “fiscal conservatives” bellyaching about #DebtAndDeficit; making it such a central feature of their opposition to President Obama that they toyed with the debt ceiling as a leverage tool. With then private citizen you-know-who urging them on. They demanded “offsets” for natural disaster aid money. They portrayed themselves as the deficit hawks. Well, times have changed. The brand new budget deal, between #CriminalDonald, the Democrats, and congressional Republicon leadership, adds $320 BILLION in new spending. Much of it for the Pentagon. But that’s an extra $320 BILLION added to the national debt. The national credit card. Unpaid for, borrowed money. To borrow and spend. I thought “conservatives” hated this? They lied. #FakeChristians.

So, now what happens when their people get into power? Massive #TaxCutsForTheRichAndBigBusiness, which these #FakeChristians lie about – again – to say the tax cuts will pay for themselves! LOL! The annual budget deficit is ballooning to $1 TRILLION DOLLARS. Per year! The accumulated national debt is over $22 TRILLION, and rising FAST! Who is the #FiscalConservative around here? Will they hold themselves, #BenedictDonald and the #RepubliConArtistParty responsible for their own lies and deceit? While calling themselves the ‘Party of Values’???? It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.