Do You Want A Planned Economy – Planned By The Government?

Do you want to live in a centrally-planned economy? Where the needs of the nation are allocated by government and fulfilled by people working for the government, not the market driving demand and production? That’s socialism. Do you want to live in a society where the government owns the means of production? The farms, the factories, etc.? VERY limited private ownership of property? THAT is socialism. The government owns the ways of creating goods and decides how to allocate them? Do you want that? Communism is the theoretical stage when socialism has become so baked in, the government doesn’t need to exist anymore and melts away.
This is all claptrap, IMHO. I don’t understand why so many now demand to call themselves “socialists.” Is it radical chic? Che Guevara?
“Democratic Socialists” give me headaches. They demand radical transformation but get them talking amongst themselves and watch the chaos happen. They can’t agree on much of anything amongst themselves – how can they run the country? And, after ALL these years of being there, how far have Democratic Socialists come in this nation? If you want to win – if you want the policies you desire enacted into law, all you need is the U.S. Constitution.
Read these two links and anything else that will explain what all of this is – and THEN – please explain to me why the U.S. Constitution doesn’t get the job done. Because it does.
All we need is the U.S. Constitution – and the political will to take over the government and run it under the Constitution. The Constitution gives Congress broad and deep power to regulate business thoroughly and tax the economy plenty to spend on social needs (Medicare for all, free public college and university tuition, etc.) and anything else Congress and the states want. The issue is political organization and using the current system to get the policy outcomes we want. The Constitution gives it all to us. The only missing thing is political power. That takes time, organization and work. That’s the hard part! Let’s just be FDR Democrats and go #WinTheFuture!