Don’t Accept Labels – And All The Baggage Packed Behind Them!

Have you ever noticed the claim by self-declared “small government conservatives” to BE “small government conservatives”? Truth is, they only want “small government” when it comes to taxing the rich and regulating big business. Because that serves the financial interests of their sponsors. In the category of ‘economic-regulation-and-taxation-of-the-economy-for-public-needs’ these so-called “small government conservatives” are just fronting for their clients, the rich and big business. Their claim to ‘small government’ is only to advance their bosses’ economic interests. It’s the manipulation and corruption of basic American political dogma (‘keep yer big gummint hands offa me!’) to serve an economic, greed-based agenda.
In the category of social issues, where it isn’t taxes or business regulation at issue, but rather ‘personal liberty’ and “freedom and liberty” then the scenario flips – instantly. The former “small government conservatives” now become “big government liberals.” By their own talking points, they want to substitute government’s views for that of the individual. No abortion, no marriage equality. No equality at all. They want government to pick winners and losers. Because government knows better than the individual. They demand gigantic government, violating all the principles they claimed to have, just a moment ago, when arguing for limited government. Now, with totally different issues at stake, and driven by zeal from a sick, twisted, weird and heretical version of “Christianity” they want to impose “Christian Sharia law” on all of us, through their big government ways. They seek government’s power of compulsion in the most intrusive personal areas, where government has no business. They fail their own tests of “big government liberal.” This decision, from the Kansas State Supreme Court, shows consistency of philosophy – and states’ rights!
In the category of national security, policing and anti-terrorism, once again, the “small government conservatives” are actually the “big government liberals.” They hate the Fourth Amendment, which requires the police have evidence to get search warrants from judges before busting down our doors and into our lives. To them, these are “technicalities.” They hate the ACLU, which fights to keep government small and privacy maximized. The alleged “small government conservatives” in the area of national security, want unlimited, unsupervised, unaccountable spying on U.S. citizens, because “we gotta catch the Muslim terrorists!”
So, three broad categories of three different types of policies. The “small government conservatives” are actually the “big government liberals” in two of the three categories and only want small government in the one category where their paymasters demand it – to keep their taxes low and the regulatory burden light – or non-existent.
And, using the state courts and state legislatures to advance our agenda is simply giving the other side a dose of their own medicine. Think about THAT! And then go local and take over your state!