Even Though He Was Reticent And Clearly Wanted To Be Somewhere Else….

Special Counsel Mueller was a reluctant witness. We knew that in advance. He didn’t want to answer most, if any, questions, too. That was clear during the hearings. Nevertheless, by confirming important, compelling pieces of his report, the hearings can be valuable in crashing through the bubble of the deniers. Us normal people know all this Russian interference and #Trump collusion happened. We know #TraitorTrump and his criminal kids have committed #treason. And, of course, #BenedictDonald is declaring this a victory – that is his constant strategy – he would say that no matter what happened. With #PutinsPuppet, it’s #EveryWordALie, so just use the #MuellerReport to get people to focus on the criminal acts of #CriminalDonald. The facts and truth speak for themselves. Please get the Mueller Report. Read it. Share key pieces of it. It’s a devastation to #DonaldTrumpWhoIsAPerv.