Feb. 13, 2017 – Today’s BTN Extra Segment For Our Subscribers! A Giant Dam May Fail – Let’s Talk Water For Our Homes, Etc.

It’s big in the news these days, the Oroville Dam in Northern California. The reason: The dam is in danger from overfilling and hundreds of thousands of people are being evacuated downstream. While it appears the main wall is holding, two emergency spillways are not; the amount of water that can come crashing down a partially failed dam of this size is monstrous. That, of course, got me thinking – what ways, other than dams, provide water to people, farms and so forth? I started researching and found very interesting material! I kept the links (in the BTN subscriber section)  to seven, but as I explain, there could have been many more, when we talk water, today, Beyond The Norm!