Feb. 15, 2017 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on treason, Russia, the presidential campaign, the Labor Secretary nominee, Obamacare, Senior Legal Analyst time, and a very muddled Muddle East.

The evidence is mounting: It may be that #IllegitimatePresident committed treason or something close to it to become the #SoCalledPresident. Let’s look at the evidence. That chumminess with Russia is now being looked at ever more closely by Congress and let’s make sure to keep them doing that!

Late news has the Labor Secretary nominee withdrawing and the Pentagon is considering invading Syria. No kidding.

Obamacare news is part of the show today and it is very good news. Senior Legal Analyst time is also good news and it’s more in the nature of a reminder today!

The Muddle East is always a hot mess and the new “Administration” will have its chance to screw things up shortly.

On Beyond The Norm, while originally for gamers, virtual reality headsets are proving to have many valuable uses outside the gaming world!

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