Feb. 16, 2017 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on the performer in the White House, governing, citizen action, law, civics and Obamacare, going transpolitical and Putin’s dream for NATO?

#NotARealPresident showed again today why that name applies. He staged a performance art piece that we will work with and dissect. Incidentally, while Nero is fiddling, Rome is burning. Let’s remember some ways how.

Citizen action is stalling the effort to destroy Obamacare in Congress, but the White House is chopping away at it and we’ll see how today, when law, civics and Obamacare come together.

Putin’s Russia wants to end NATO. Is #SoCalledPresident helping that cause with his new Defense Secretary telling NATO to pony up more cash for the military?

On Beyond The Norm, it’s Senior Legal Analyst time, with the City Attorney of San Francisco suing five gun equipment suppliers for allegedly trying to evade a California gun reform law. Lots of legal and constitutional issues here – like federalism!

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