February 12, 2018 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on #MishandlingClassifiedIntel, #RobPorter and the #MeToo Movement, #FiscalConservatism, infrastructure, busting the budget, wealth and income inequality, #DACA and #Russiagate!

A busy Monday gets going with the very people who wanted to lock up #Hillary for mishandling classified intelligence doing it in far worse ways than she ever dreamed of! Also, after days of scandal, this White House still cannot get settled on a version of facts about #RobPorter. Liars, you think? The #MeToo Movement continues.

All matters financial and government are on the agenda today, as #FakePresident is offering a scam on taxes, spending, debt, deficit and infrastructure. A quintuple header! Plus, the face of wealth and income inequality is showing itself. In death.

#DACA is about to dominate the news and #Russiagate caused an odd resignation.

On Beyond The Norm, our last segment was about color blindness correcting sunglasses. Today, following that theme, how about tiny sunglasses on a praying mantis? It’s a cool look, but it’s actually for science – they see differently than us!

Fierce independence can lead to some weird places. We go to those places, at the home of fierce independence – The Norman Goldman Show!