February 13, 2019 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on the impending government shutdown, or not, those shrinking tax refunds, an American caught spying for Iran, that awful #DebtAndDeficit, those punk kids who made a spectacle of themselves last month with a Native American elder in D.C., and the economy – is it sinking?

It appears #BenedictDonald cannot do it again. Shut down the government, that is – too much resistance – even from within his own Party! So, what’s next? What’s next for an ever-growing number of Americans is shock at their taxes! Guess who they are blaming?

An American was caught spying for Iran. Will they lock him up? Why not other traitors?

That signature Republican issue, out of control debt and deficit, is on the show today because guess who turbocharged the out of control debt and deficit?

The snot-nosed kids from the Covington Catholic High School are back in the news. They now have more supporters! Like their own Diocese!

Did you know that car loan delinquencies are sky high? Does that portend anything for the economy? I have the best words!

On Beyond The Norm, did “Snowball Earth” shear off big chunks of the planet’s crust long ago and dump them into the ocean – and beneath – forever – so we lost a lot of history?

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