February 14, 2019 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on Valentine’s Day, the Valentine’s Day massacres, politics mixing with commerce, a new Attorney General, the latest #ShutdownShowdown, explosive statements from a former acting FBI Director and a rare bipartisan foreign policy rebuke to #BenedictDonald?

This Valentine’s Day is bitter and sweet and will be forever. Along with the chocolates, love notes and roses, we have massacres to commemorate. This country is sick, there’s something wrong with this country. The sickness is called “guns.” And, our politics is now so toxic that general commerce has merged with national politics. The implications of this should be addressed!

The Senate today confirmed the latest guy, as Attorney General, who will try to shut down or damage the Mueller investigation. And, speaking of shut down, there is once again a deal to keep the government open but will you-know-who again change his mind at the last minute and refuse to sign?

Former FBI Deputy and Acting Director Andrew McCabe is speaking publicly now – and is not a fan of #CriminalDonald. Believe me!

And, will both houses of Congress join together to tell the so-called ‘Commander-in-Chief’ to stop supporting Saudi Arabia as it devastates Yemen?

On Beyond The Norm, pornography has traveled quite a path, even in the last twenty-five years. We are now at very realistic looking fake porn, which follows revenge porn, and so forth back down the line!

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