February 15, 2019 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on guns, the non-emergency ’emergency declaration,’ Senior Legal Analyst time times three, the national debt, corporate welfare, the #AmericanEmpire and a credible Republican primary challenger to #BenedictDonald?

While we always look at gun violence in America on Friday, we have to add a sadly appropriate story: A live mass shooting unfolded in the hours before today’s show. Just outside Chicago. The shooter has been apprehended but it’s a very ugly scene.

Speaking of ugly scenes, the White House rolled out its so-called “emergency declaration” today, but, in keeping with who he is, #IdiotDonald did a ‘press conference’ where he admitted there is no emergency! What a dummy! Those statements can and will be used against him in a court of law!

And, Senior Legal Analyst time is turbo charged today, as the Supreme Court agreed to take an explosive case, with vast political implications, on an expedited timetable. I have a bad feeling about this! Believe me! Plus, there is a Roger Stone law story and the NFL settled with Colin Kaepernick!

The national debt passed a terrible milestone, Amazon is abandoning New York City, the #Empire is on the agenda and there appears to be a real alternative to you-know-who, in the Republican presidential primaries that are upcoming. But, guess what is likely to occur? Math death tells the story! Work with the facts, live with the truth!

On Beyond The Norm, more about Amazon. Their shipping methods are very important to them, of course, and they just made a key change. Good for them, bad for all of us! What to do?

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