February 22, 2019 – Today’s Show! The Last Show….

Today on the show, justice is served on the end of the show, closing thoughts, a sex-crazed Friday, abortion, guns, the #AmericanEmpire, Senior Legal Analyst time and you.

Sadly, this is our last show. At least we’ve had a few weeks to get adjusted. That’s not common in radio! I do have some closing thoughts and I will have time for you on the phone!

There is news, of course! A late breaking add is that Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel, is not sending his report in next week – which means he isn’t done next week! Also, between R. Kelly, Robert Kraft, abortion wars continuing and Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, sex will be a big part of our show today – but it’s bad – very bad. This isn’t healthy sex – this is sick stuff. Senior Legal Analyst time will be part of this, since #BenedictDonald is again trying to stop women from getting abortions. Note the irony. And, lawsuits loom.

It’s our final Friday and we won’t forget gun violence or the #Empire.

On Beyond The Norm, our final segment regards meat – eating deer meat can kill and “bush meat” is bad – let’s be gentle about the animals!

Fierce independence continues even without a daily radio show. Fierce independence existed before our show and will go on after our show – if WE carry it forward. Let’s you and me BOTH be the new home of fierce independence – OUR show – a daily timeless show!