February 4, 2019 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on #ExecutiveTime, being an incompetent executive with a depleted government, Governor Ralph Northam, #WhoIsAChristian, separation of children at the Southern border, and the very muddled Middle East.

A major leak to the news site Axios shows #BenedictDonald has spent 60% of his time since the November election on unstructured personal time. What he does in those hours is anyone’s guess. One thing he has not done is nominate people for government jobs. I think this is good – Republicans do not.

Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia has made himself look worse – if that’s possible – even after the revelation of the racist photos in his medical school yearbook, from 1984. Will he stay or will he go?

Not surprisingly, the policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the Southern border was intended to be cruel. We have news today.

Also, after announcing the exit from Syria, #CriminalDonald wants to expand the U.S. military presence in Iraq – where ISIS still works, just as in neighboring Syria. So, what’s going on with the Syria policy?

On Beyond The Norm, loss of sleep is bad for many reasons, but now, a new reason: it can hurt – literally.

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