February 8, 2019 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on the so-called “Acting” Attorney General, blackmail, abortion, Senior Legal Analyst time, Congressional oversight, the #RacistMonument, guns and the #AmericanEmpire.

The allegedly acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, was on Capitol Hill today and what a spectacle it was! He proved to be the clownish sycophant we thought he was – I have the best words! And, overshadowing the Whitaker debacle is a blackmail scheme that just exploded in the face of #BenedictDonald buddy David Pecker of the National Enquirer! They targeted the richest man in the world and it isn’t going well!

Senior Legal Analyst time involves abortion, the Supreme Court and the new guy – Kavanaugh. And civics is on the show today, as Congress, as part of its oversight duties, hires staff. What if Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) hired former staffers of #CriminalDonald to help investigate #CriminalDonald? How would you-know-who react?

There are reports of a bipartisan Congressional deal on Southern “border security.” No money for a wall – maybe a little for a bit of fencing here and there. Will you-know-who sign it?

Because it’s Friday we look at the state of gun violence in America and the status of the #Empire. Neither is encouraging, sadly.

On Beyond The Norm, those DNA testing kits that companies sell – is our genetic data being shared with the FBI?

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