Happy 4th of July! This One Is Different….

So, here is the situation: A radical extremist Republican refuses to sell his soul, his principles, his body and brain, and everything else the rest of the Republican Party has sold, to the Devil. This one guy, a Tea Bagger, a true believer Tea Bagger, declares HIS independence from the completely corrupt, totally rancid Republican Party, and quits. His policy positions are awful; pro-fossil fuels, radical anti-abortion, voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, and it goes on from there. However, he is sticking to his terrible principles in rejecting the rank graft and outright corruption of the rest of his (now former) gang. So, what do we make of  someone who refuses to go along with his crowd, for laudable reasons, but by sticking to his principles, we disagree with almost everything he believes in?

By the way, he is NOT a newly registered Democrat; he just now quit the Republican Party and became an independent. Republicans in Congress have already begun retaliating against him – his life there will get much more difficult. He’s a unicorn there now – the Democrats don’t agree with him on policy and the Republicans despise him because he crossed Dear Leader – and them. So, a Happy 4th of July to you! I congratulate Congressman Amash for sticking to his principles and not going along with the corruption, but I will fight him on policy, every step of the way. And, do it with civility, as to Mr. Amash. He is inviting a policy-driven, civil debate. Let’s do that! When did THAT last happen? As to the #Deplorables and #BenedictDonald, they have been waging the most disgusting of wars – as the bullying aggressors – for decades. Let’s give them large doses of their own medicine until they decide to make themselves normal again. Or, we just take all the political power and run things our way. #WinTheFuture¬†#WorkWithTheFactsLiveWithTheTruth #NoShortAttentionSpan #NoPurityTests #Patience