Have They Seen Enough?

It’s been over three years since #BenedictDonald got into office via a rigged and fixed system. I remember well the #PurityPolice who couldn’t stomach Hillary; other people who said it didn’t matter who got in, then the millions of apathetic voters who sat out public engagement entirely. Plus, the purged voters, who were prevented from voting. The damage done by #PutinsPuppet has been massive and often irreparable – the kids stolen from their parents and separated, perhaps forever – are one example. I urged people to consider the vast powers of the presidency, the ability of a president to shape so much, and to do so much harm. Michelle Obama, President Obama, so many others (with platforms far larger than mine) warned against this. Yet here we are now. I remain hopeful people will learn from all these debacles. One thing that #Brokeahontas has done has been to force #DefinitionTime – are you an American or a fascist? Are you a KKK sympathizer or a true patriot? People are being forced to declare themselves now – and publicly. The Republican Party (by all rights) should shrivel up and go away now. Will it? Have enough people learned? Are we enduring these damages to get to a better day, or a prelude to even worse times? We are REALLY finding out about our fellow Americans now. #OneVoteManyConsequences remains the truth.