He’s Not Been Making Any Deals, Because He’s A Lying Moron

#BenedictDonald does not know even the rudimentary basics of negotiating. Check this out, from this article:
“Complicating the chances of such a deal was the president’s own refusal to detail his bottom line in negotiations. During a meeting with Republican senators on Friday morning, Mr. Trump would not provide specifics about what kind of plan he could support, including how much money he would accept for fortifying the border, despite their repeated efforts to ascertain his conditions for a deal, according to a Senate official briefed on the session who insisted on anonymity to describe it. The president talked at length about the wall and repeatedly pressed the senators about eliminating the filibuster so they could fund it with 51 votes.”
The #TrumpShutdown looks to be lasting a long time, because, #HeDoesntKnowWhatHesDoing