How We Present Ideas Is Very Important!

Republicans have been masters at the spin and sell game for decades. It’s as if they can sell ice to Eskimos. They certainly sell poison to their followers, who seem to lap it up like kittens to cream. How do they do it? Presentation! Sales! Framing! Guns are said to equal “freedom” and protection from big government. Obamacare was a ‘socialist government takeover of our healthcare.’ Being anti-woman is “pro-life.” So, as to the Hyde Amendment (which prohibits federal funds from being used to pay for abortions, like through Medicaid) isn’t that a special interest law? A loud, well-connected special interest group got the law (the Hyde Amendment) bent to their favor – and thus (in this case) hurt poor women.

Gay people in Colorado in the early 1990’s had to deal with claims they wanted “special rights” (Initiative 2 in 1992 tried to stop all government entities in Colorado from giving legally protected status to gays, and it passed, but was later overturned by Romer v. Evans in the Supreme Court) as in ‘the gays want special rights as a special interest.’ The public liked the framing of “we don’t give special rights to loud, noisy minorities” and the anti-gay initiative passed. So, here’s framing for repeal of the Hyde Amendment: ‘A loud, politically-connected group has special rights – the law was written for them and thereby hurt poor women.’ However you frame it, I suggest it be by focusing on the people who want the Hyde Amendment to stay and who got it enacted over four decades ago. “They are a special interest with outsized power over our government.” #Branding #Imaging #Positioning

Oh, and if the response is: “It was your choice to get pregnant, my tax dollars ain’t paying for the abortion.” Possible replies are: “#OneStandardAppliedToAll so, goodbye government farm support programs that give farmers tax money to keep them in business, because I don’t want my tax dollars doing that. You chose to farm, the government isn’t your money faucet.” And, “I don’t want my tax dollars going to war. No money for the Pentagon.” And, “I don’t want my tax dollars subsidizing big business, so, goodbye corporate welfare.” How’s that?