I Admire Their Tactics And Strategy – The Policies Are Dreadful, Though

Americans don’t know history. We don’t know our own past, don’t understand our past, and don’t see how that past, and the present, are totally intertwined. Case in point: #BenedictDonald doesn’t say what he says and act as he has, without a path having being paved for him. For the past 50 years, George Wallace, Richard Nixon and the Republican Party have built this. #CriminalDonald and the #Deplorables are the result. It took them 50 years to build this. Why are we short-tempered, short-term thinkers, emotional in the moment always, while they do strategic actions? This is why they win. #WinTheFuture by settling in and doing a long, patient, slow burn. Patience makes all things real. Three yards and a cloud of dust. Real change takes time. I am skeptical we will ever learn – based on history.