I Don’t Have Amnesia

My memory works fine. And I recall the Republican Party constantly screeching about #DebtAndDeficit under President Obama; even demanding offsetting spending cuts to pay for emergency disaster relief! This was all just a few years ago. Now, with #BenedictDonald in there and a collapsed Republican Party in Congress, there is the opposite – two standards. Republicans (and they did it under George W. Bush, too) spend recklessly and give enormous tax cuts to their rich and big business buddies. And, today, the annual budget deficit approaches 1 TRILLION dollars while our accumulated national debt is over 22 TRILLION dollars. Not a word from Republicans about this – indeed they built it. It’s only when Democrats have power do they supposedly care about debt and deficit. And that’s only about politics. They don’t mean any of that in good faith. When they’re in charge, it’s an orgy of spending, and they seem good at orgies. #WhoIsAChristian? So, it’s #OneStandardAppliedToAll time and that means #RepealAndReplaceRepublicans because they are bankrupt in every sense of the word.