I Just Now Had A Scary Epiphany

I have a theory to share. There is an explanation for the behavior of the #RepubliConArtistParty over the past (at least) ten years. One thing that ties together their selling out to Putin, their insane reactions to President Obama, their disgusting and #Deplorable behavior with #BenedictDonald, all of it. The anti-abortion craziness. The religious nuttiness. All of it.

The evildoers hate what America is becoming so much, they hate the full flowering of America – freedom for ALL – that they would rather warp and destroy America than let it become its true self, which is emerging. They would rather have a nation of perpetually rigged and fixed elections (rigged and fixed for them) with kangaroo courts that rubber stamp any fascist thing they do, betraying all the ideals, the principles and founding documents of America, because they would rather destroy America, and keep it (for them) like 1819, rather than see it become what it was supposed to be, as set forth in the founding documents. This is treason. Working feverishly to stop the land of the free from becoming the land of the free for ALL Americans, not just the white #FakeChristians? Doesn’t this one thing – ‘kill it to keep it rather than let “them” have it’ tie it all together?

That’s quite a bone chilling revelation. Please consider it. This story, below, shows another reason for their willingness to turn America into a fascist dictatorship. They cannot stomach equality and freedom for women. ESPECIALLY with women having dominion over their own bodies and lives.