I Refuse To Accept The Label Of ‘Bad Guy’ On This One!

Here’s why: If my accurate observation/analysis is, that they rigged and fixed the system, how can I be the bad guy for pointing out what the actual bad guys did? Rig and fix the system. Mitch McConnell, President Obama and #MerrickGarland. They broke the Constitution, the Senate and many of those ‘norms’ we hear so much about. Then this #BrettKavanaugh debacle – are you kidding me? Squeaking the guy through under those preposterous circumstances? All this after the so-called “Chief Justice” has himself rigged and fixed the system in so many rulings, by doing the destruction of the Voting Rights Act, being part of the Citizens United bare majority, the gun decisions and so many more political rulings. Now, after all this, the alleged CJ is trying to take the high road? And act like these judges are above it all? Forget it, Chief. You all broke it; I point it out – you all are the bad guys. It’s now an #IllegitimateSupremeCourt and I will treat the situation exactly as you would if the facts were reversed. I won’t accept the rigged and fixed institutions your Republican Party has wrought, while anytime my side wins, YOUR guys declare it crooked, rigged and fixed. And you, Mr. Roberts, take advantage of all the wrongdoing in the rulings by your Court. No way. #OneStandardAppliedToAll and please examine your own behavior over these many years before criticizing me. Good day.