I Share What I See And I See Massive Hypocrisy

It’s the blatant, shameless, amoral double standard – and the openly smirking Republicans doing it that is the most disgusting. To obstruct ceaselessly under Obama, and in an unprecedented way, and then condemn that very set of tactics now that it’s flipped, is enraging. To use Congressional investigations as open, blatant political weapons, and then refuse to investigate when an actual investigation is required? Like when a foreign power has taken over our government? Because Republicans will “get theirs” from #SoCalledPresident, they made a deal – support a foreign power taking over our government – because they get their agenda pushed through? They are THAT craven? Yes, they are that craven. And their open demand for two sets of rules, one for Republicans, one for Democrats, is very out in the open. What’s the remedy? www.indivisibleguide.com #Indivisible Civic engagement is our ONLY answer.