Is The Date May 15 Or Not?

Initial reports were that Special Counsel Robert Mueller would testify before the House Judiciary Committee on May 15. Now, that exact date is being walked back, but it did smoke out #BenedictDonald, who does not want Mueller to testify – at all – ever. #CriminalDonald wants to control all information. He covers up everything about himself (#TaxReturns, school grades, financial information) then lies about everything, then either declares as “fake news” that which he cannot control, or simply declares things to be, that we all see, are not. All in plain view. #PutinsPuppet presents the perfect example of a ‘Dear Leader’ scenario: Either you drink that Kool-Aid, believe everything he says, and go all the way to the end with him, or you are cast out and waged war upon as the enemy. There is no middle ground in this situation. Blame the #FakePresident – he is forcing it to be this way. Take a side. Take a stand. As Sarah Palin once said: “No more pussyfooting around!”