It Can End….

When no gun reform happened after all those little kids were killed in Connecticut, in 2012, it became apparent the NRA had a death grip on the Republicon Party – and America. The pace of mass shootings is insane, but the number of shootings per day is nightmarish. With the NRA apparently weakening, since it has been exposed as a #treasonous fifth column for Russia, and with the public evolving on so many issues, perhaps we can get somewhere by the only way we can get somewhere – people need to change their minds. A new consensus needs to form. A new collective consciousness needs to take hold. And, it may be happening. Thanks to #BenedictDonald, Republicon politicians like #MoscowMitch, Putin, the NRA, the white nationalists, the #FakeChristians and #Deplorables, the RepubliConArtistParty may be on its way out. But, the only way to get #GunReformNow, and #GunSafety, is to completely change the political dynamics of this nation.
And THAT means #RepealAndReplaceRepublicans on a scale we have not seen in years. #Vote and #VoteThemOut
That’s the only way we can get gun reform. Fundamentally change the politics of America.