It Goes To The Question Of What A Democracy Is….

There seems to be a notion, embedded deep in the background, that ‘Democrats must have an instant, unified message on impeachment.’ Or most other things. Where did this notion come from? The media. The talking heads seem to start with this as the unstated premise, and it lurks behind their questions. Almost in the nature of a demand: “WHY DON’T DEMOCRATS HAVE A UNIFIED POSITION ON IMPEACHMENT?” And this with a condemning tone. Then the inevitable judgment is rendered: “SINCE DEMOCRATS ARE DIVIDED ON IMPEACHMENT, BAD THINGS LOOM FOR THE DEMOCRATS….”
Let’s take a moment to remember: This is supposed to be a democracy. With a small ‘d.’ Remembering the history of America reminds us that we have always squabbled, fought, bickered and screamed at each other from the very start. We have been fractured from the beginning and no amount of Putin can change that. Putin didn’t meddle in the late 90’s, with impeachment and all. Putin didn’t meddle in the 60’s, when we tore each other apart. We ALWAYS have an endless barroom brawl going. IT’S AMERICA!! That’s how we do it! Recognize!
So, the fact that the Democratic Party does not have an instant, unified answer on impeachment – or anything else – shows the Democratic Party is engaged in a never-ending exercise of democracy – with a small ‘d.’ It also reflects that the nation is divided on just about everything, too. How can the Democratic Party be united on anything when its constituency is not? Can we go easy on the implicit demands for instant unity on controversial (or any other) policy, please? The demands come from nowhere and mean nothing. Other than some kind of “neatness” I suppose. It’s un-American. That’s how the Republicans do it. Like an autocracy. Let a hundred flowers bloom, as Chairman Mao once said. Let the barroom brawl continue, Putin be damned!
Oh, and p.s., educating the electorate in basic civics, politics and history is the antidote to Putin and his ilk. Maybe give that a try.