It Was Known All Along….

That #BenedictDonald was able to get away with this massive fraud of a self-made billionaire story, all this time, is staggering and astounding by itself. But, how many were complicit in this? How many went along, for their own reasons, despite knowing the truth? And, shame on those (if there is anything like ‘shame’ left in society) who believed this fool up into 2016 and 2017 – and continue to believe this con artist today. And, as always, #CriminalDonald will now create new distractions to get us off this #FollowTheMoney story – like trying to cloak the entirety of the #MuellerReport in ‘executive privilege’ even though much of it is already out. This joke of a stunt shows the desperation of #DonaldTrumpWhoIsAPerv so let’s PLEASE stop falling for his antics and FOCUS. ON. THE. MONEY. Especially the Russian money laundered by #PutinsPuppet that would show up in his #TaxReturns from 1995 onward. Where are those tax returns? Where are those bank records? What’s he hiding?