January 10, 2019 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on the #TrumpShutdown, the bogus, so-called ’emergency declaration’ that appears forthcoming, the border visit he didn’t want, the exploding debt and deficit, the end of the Republican Party, Syria and “the deep state.”

The #TrumpShutdown rolls on and it appears the only way out is for #BenedictDonald to do what Republicans hated Obama for doing (unilateral action, circumventing Congress) and will he do it? He’s at the border today, but doesn’t want to be there – it’s boring!

The Republican Party has essentially declared itself dead. I will show how today, but think #DebtAndDeficit for starters.

Despite #DummyDonald claiming we are getting out of Syria fast, are we seeing the “deep state” fight back? And, our war continues in Syria despite Secretary of State Mike Pompeo saying we are indeed getting out!

On Beyond The Norm, those driverless cars are closer to reality than we think – robot taxis are now real and operating! Is this good?

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