January 30, 2019 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on presidential politics, populism, national security, #PutinsPoodle versus the world, climate change, the emergency declaration for the #RacistMonument and interest rates.

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz (worth $3.3. billion) ┬áhas dealt himself into the presidential race, but who will he really hurt? Democrats? Let’s take a closer look! Also, since #BenedictDonald destroyed the bad version of “populism” (that’s good!) now it’s time for the real populism to emerge, isn’t it? And, if one person says the entire rest of the world is wrong, which is it – the whole world, or the one person saying the world is wrong? Who is wrong? He’s attacking his own entire national security apparatus now! What a dummy and what a traitor. #PutinsPuppet.

Climate change is here with the polar vortex and look around the world – the climate has changed already. And it’s only going to continue. The climate for another government shutdown is very cold too, so, quietly, Republican lawmakers have told #CriminalDonald that he can do his ’emergency declaration’ for his #RacistMonument, but no more shutdowns!

The Federal Reserve caved to #DummyDonald today and said interest rate hikes will cease. For now.

On Beyond The Norm, a whopping, tragic case of mistaken identity leads to lawsuits and Senior Legal Analyst time.

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