January 7, 2019 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on the #TrumpShutdown, a possible Senate shutdown, tax refunds, national parks, Senior Legal Analyst time, hacking top government officials and Syria.

The #TrumpShutdown rolls on with more and more damage being inflicted on the American people. One Democratic Senator has an idea: No Senate bills get moved until the government re-opens. What happens when tax refunds are delayed? There’s news there! And, the still-open-but-being-destroyed national parks get us going on Senior Legal Analyst time!

The main law segment today involves the claim by #BenedictDonald that he can declare “a national emergency” and spend money already appropriated by Congress – but not for a #RacistMonument!

Many of Germany’s politicians got hacked – right up to the top – and the NSA has been asked for help! Will #BenedictDonald ask Putin for intervention?

The Syrian withdrawal is no more. An indelicate policy reversal happened today. He’s an idiot.

On Beyond The Norm, I observe that the Internet in general, but Twitter and Facebook in particular, have taken a dark turn. Now, the latest nasty tactic online – the people and bots are being rude – don’t be rude!

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