July 14, 2017 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on #TheMeeting, healthcare, lying, Senior Legal Analyst time, the media, guns, and the American Empire.

We have known about “the meeting” all week, but just now we discover others were in the room! How nice to let us know! Speaking of letting us know, we should know soon whether Senate Republicans will give up on trying to kill Obamacare.

Senior Legal Analyst time is back with #Trump continuing to make ridiculous legal arguments by attempting to abuse the presidency, and use it as a shield from personal liability.

The media is at war with #fakepresident and vice versa and our Senior Media Analyst joins us to discuss this and more!

Since it is Friday, we look at the toll of guns in America and the status of the American Empire.

On Beyond The Norm, can we lose weight because we have a poor sense of smell? Say what?!?

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