June 12, 2018 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on the San Francisco Bay Area, Kim Jong-un, North Korea, Iran, #BenedictDonald, “the Summit,” negotiating skills, a hypothetical President Bernie Sanders, the actual #RepublicanParty, #RepublicanCivilWar2018, Senior Legal Analyst time, and one of my favorite questions: #WhoIsAChristian?

We welcome back our friends in the Bay Area on Real Talk 910! Back on the radio in San Francisco! And, our first day back is historic, with #CriminalDonald proving yet again he has no ability to make deals! He gave away the store and let’s see how! Plus, if a hypothetical President Bernie Sanders halted military exercises off the Korean coast, how would Republicans react? Some Republicans are seeing what’s happening and that meansĀ #RepublicanCivilWar2018!

Senior Legal Analyst time returns with a big ruling from a federal district court judge on the enormous antitrust case of U.S. v. AT&T/Time Warner. And, let’s go back to yesterday’s Supreme Court case to see how it may play out!

Diogenes was a Greek philosopher, about 2,400 years ago. He went around during the daytime with a lamp, claiming he was searching for an honest man! Well, I am like Diogenes, searching for a real Christian. And, I am not finding nearly as many as those who profess to be…just saying!

On Beyond The Norm, with summer upon us, things that can go wrong – so avoid them – on your vacation! I hope you get one!

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